What We Do


When it comes to reducing costs and improving efficiency, Arc Innovations can save money for both the utility company and end consumer.

Arc’s state of the art AMI platform offers a feature-rich, extensible and reliable solution for utility companies.

Designed and built for the local market using best of breed infrastructure from our technology partners, the Arc platform caters for real-time services from smart meters through to complex back office functions and consumer energy management portals.

As the only smart metering services provider experienced at developing meter and communications technology solutions Arc is able to deliver services to 100 percent of a utilities customer base, no matter where they are located. 

For a solution that offers flexibility, reliability, and cost competitiveness, Arc Innovations is the smart choice.

What is an Advanced Metering Infrastructure?

Advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) is not a single technology, but rather an integration of many technologies and components that provide an intelligent connection between consumers and the utility.

AMI includes

  • Smart meters
  • Wide area communications infrastructure
    - Radio frequency data networks
    - Cellular and satellite data networks
  • Home (local) area networks (HAN)
  • Meter data management systems (MDMS)
  • Network and outage management systems (NMS/OMS)
  • Operational gateways

AMI gives consumers the information they need to make intelligent decisions about their energy use. In addition utilities are able to greatly improve consumer service by refining utility operating and asset management processes, designing new rate plans and facilitating consumer demand response programmes based on the analysis of AMI data.

Arc uses its own development team to fully integrate disparate AMI technologies into one unifying platform to achieve maximum benefits.