Vision and Values

What makes Arc Innovations the leader in Smart Meters

It’s pointless leading a charge towards a new future, if you don’t have a clear goal in sight.

At Arc Innovations we sat down to talk about what really mattered to us as a company. We knew that to stay ahead of the pack and be the leader of smart meter technology, both locally and globally, we would have to have a vision that would sustain and guide us, a compass point that would direct our decision making and a philosophy to underpin our growth.

After much soul searching we believe these vision and value concepts define us as a company.

Our Vision 

We are changing the game for energy consumers through the provision of information and smart metering services.

Our Values

Commercially focused

  • Understand our costs and how we make money

  • Ask "would we do this if it was our hard earned cash?"


  • Work together to achieve a shared goal

  • Support and trust each other


  • Take pride in what we do and do it well

  • Do what we say we will do

  • Make our customers successful

  • Add value to our customers

  • Understand and respond to our customer needs


  • Challenge the status quo

  • Always look for ways to do things better