Who We Are

Arc Innovations – changing the game for energy consumers through the provision of information and smart metering services.


Smart meters the way of the future

Imagine a world where you are in charge. You can see which appliances use the most energy and you can programme them to run at the time of day when you know energy costs less.

You can check your bill remotely and track how much power you are consuming on a half hourly basis. It’s the way of the future because of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) services, and it’s now in place in homes across New Zealand, thanks to Arc Innovations.

Arc provides leading end-to-end AMI services to all New Zealand electricity retailers.

Did you know?

New Zealand has approximately 1.9 million ICPs (Installation Control Points) – the unique number that identifies each individual power connection to the National Grid. Each ICP is attached to a meter that tracks the amount of electricity the consumer uses.

So far over 800,000 have been converted to AMI, with that number increasing every month.

Leading the way towards a future of smart energy choices

Arc Innovations led the introduction of smart metering services in New Zealand. From our home here in Christchurch we developed technology that has huge value for customers. For the first time, consumers can track and manage their energy spend.

Being able to control energy use in near real time will revolutionise the electricity market. It will drive sustainable choices among consumers, give direction to appliance manufacturers and dictate how we look at energy use in the future.

Arc has sought to be a world leader since 2003 when we headed into our research and development labs to create New Zealand’s first generation of smart meters to today’s sophisticated end-to-end solutions incorporating state of the art communications technology and data management systems.

Our experience with the Central Hawke’s Bay deployment which, at the time, was the first and largest deployment of smart meters in New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere, has given us a breadth of knowledge in metering services.

Everything we do at Arc is governed by our vision and values. This keeps us passionate and focused on creating innovative metering services that meet the needs of our customers.”

Arc Innovations

Winner - Smart Metering Australia and New Zealand Summit Awards 2012
(Smart Metering Technology of the Year Award)

Winner - Smart Metering Australia and New Zealand Summit Awards 2012
(Smart Metering Service Provider Award)

Finalist – Delotte Energy Excellence Awards 2011
(Innovation in Electricity)

Finalist – 2010 NZ HiTech Awards
(Innovative Product and Service category)

Finalist – Champion Canterbury Awards 2010
(Health & Safety)